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In this category, you can find a bank of backup articles from which you can learn how to choose the most effective backup strategy, such as full backup, incremental backup or mirror backup. Or you can find out the specifics of backup to different storage media including DVD, FTP, LAN or remote backup. Backup articles will also help you find the best backup solution for your home or work PC, as well as find out necessary information about enterprise backup.

We hope this resource will become one of your favorites. If you would like to purchase backup software, you can read the backup software reviews where the advantages and disadvantages of different backup programs are discussed.

Business Continuity and Disaster RecoveryNew!
Online backup disaster recovery in a short time allows conducting a full or partial recovery from a backup, stored in a remote data store to a virtual server anywhere in the world.

Online Backup Setting the Standard in Backup ExpertiseNew!
The goal of remote backup and recovery for a company is to be able to recover critical information from varying degrees of data failure in case of disaster, failure, or loss.

Database Backup Software
Database backup software specially developed to solve such problems in most effective and reliable way can be the best solution to create reserve copies of databases.

BGeeks’ Backup Rotation Schedule
Backing up the most valuable information is inevitable basis of any corporate disaster recovery plan.

Backup Database and Recovery
Backup database and recovery is recently highly required by people who care about their business assets and individual data security.

Backup MySQL
Backup MySQL database and be able to restore all you need in a fast and effective way.

Backup DB2
Backup DB2 database from remote server without stopping service in a comfortable and fast way.

Backup Oracle
Backup Oracle database online without stopping service with flexible scheduler to manage backup tasks periods and other details.

How to Back up Mobile Phone
Mobile phones are rapidly turning into smartphones offering their owners unprecedented multimedia and communication experience. However, very often it is still the user who needs to take care of his or her data kept on the cell phone. This is where mobile phone backup comes forth. There are several ways to back up cell phones: both hardware and software solutions.

Online Backup Server - Do's and Don'ts
Online backup server may become a real solution for all your company's data protection needs. It is really necessary to keep several backup copies of all mission-critical server data, in case one of them is inaccessible or corrupted when the data loss occurs.

Backup Registry for Quicker Restores
The registry is the heart of the Windows operating system. It contains hardware settings, all system and third-party software settings, and also per-user individual settings. In a word, it will be disastrous if you lose the registry file or as it more often happens if you accidentally corrupt its structure.

Enterprise Network Backup Challenges
Enterprise network backup is an essential core activity in any small to medium businesses, not to mention larger corporations that are bound to deploy enterprise backup systems by law. Even though this activity is hidden from the outer world and stays unnoticed for most of its time in the internal workflow, enterprise network backup defines success of the business.

Enterprise Backup Equals Business Credibility
Enterprise data backup policy is a crucial matter for all companies. Businesses are actually obligated to maintain an enterprise backup policy by the law, even more so if they are related to government or medical institutions.

A complete guide to backup software
This article reviews a modern tool that can help keep your important data safe and not to lose it in case of hardware or software failures - backup software. Probably, everyone who uses PC has ever faced the problem when his hard drive is crashed, the virus damages some very important data or he or she just accidentally deletes some important document.

Remote Backup Utility - Keep Your Data Protected
If you decide to perform regular backups of your important data then probably the safest and the most convenient way will be to use remote backup utility and remote backup service. There are lots of other remote backup methods, but none of them can give the same security and comfort as the described one.

Remote data backup
Remote data backup is one of the most efficient backup methods that meet the safety requirements of any PC user. With the remote backup account you get free backup software!

Remote Backup Service - Secure Backup Storage
This article reviews remote backup services, which offer a complex solution for organizations and people who decided to store their important data in a remote location.

Remote Backup Software - What It Has In Store for You
You can automate the task of remote backup with the help of special remote backup software which allows you to copy your most vulnerable data files such as video, music, photos and documents to a remote server.

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