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Remote Backup Software - What It Has In Store for You

Remote backup has long become the most approved and widely accepted method of backup because the advantages of remote backup are evident for any responsible user who wants to protect his data from loss and theft. What is remote backup? The term suggests that the data of your personal computer are copied and transferred to a distant server where they are stored until the time comes when you need to do the restore.

There are many methods in which you can transfer your data to a remote server. They include manual copying of data, such as file-to-file copying and the copy paste copying, as well automatic copying. You can automate the task of remote backup with the help of special remote backup software which allows you to copy your most vulnerable data files such as video, music, photos and documents to a remote server.

How is remote backup implemented in the remote backup software? There are three different types of remote backup that the remote backup software supports. The first is FTP backup. The remote backup software allows you to automatically copy your data files to an FTP server. To do this, you only need to specify your FTP settings such as the FTP server name, as well as your login and password. The FTP protocol allows for faster transfers of data files to a larger distance. In fact, you can store your data even in another country.

Another method of doing remote backup suggests storing your data a little bit closer to your local computer, but still far enough to avoid data perishing in a fire or flood, as well as simple theft. This method is called LAN backup. It allows you to transfer your data to another network computer. Again, you can make use of this method with the help of the remote backup software, which allows you to automate the task, or you can manually copy the data to a remote LAN computer.

However, the most technologically progressive approach to remote data backup is implemented through remote data backup service. This is a special kind of backup when your data are transferred to remote data centers where they are stored on securely protected servers in databanks which are under constant supervision of qualified personnel. The remote backup service includes remote backup software.

Download it now to start copying your data to our protected data center in Sand Diego, California. The software is free of charge, provided you sign up for a remote backup storage account.

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