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Remote Backup Utility - Keep Your Data Protected

If you decide to perform regular backups of your important data then probably the safest and the most convenient way will be to use remote backup utility and remote backup service. There are lots of other remote backup methods, but none of them can give the same security and comfort as the described one.

Remote backup utility can be bought either separately or as a part of the backup service subscription. For example, the backup program Handy Backup, one of the best on the market, will be offered for free if you subscribe to Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC. With the use of it you will be able to automatically and regularly perform Microsoft Outlook backup, Internet Explorer backup, Windows Registry backup, ODBC Databases backup and backup from many other sources. Your reserve copies will be stored on a server in an underground shelter which is professionally secured by experienced computer specialists, making your data safety independent from any possible accidents including natural disasters. Remote back up utility will encrypt the copies and transfer them via secure protocols, which will minimize the risks of unauthorized access during the transfer. You will be able to perform restoration not only at your home or office computer, but from any point of the Globe.

Making a conclusion, we can say that the use of remote backup utilities is an essential element of setting up remote backup system. They will never let you forget to perform your backups and will keep you calm about the presence of reserve copies and information security.

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