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Database Backup Software

When it comes to database backup, it is necessary to remember one important issue. Manual database backup requires advanced database operation skills. Moreover, database software in most cases has no built-in instruments to perform backup of the bases. So nothing to talk about database management application's settings backup by built-in resources. How to find adequate solution in today's storage environments?

Database backup software specially developed to solve such problems in most effective and reliable way can be the best solution to create reserve copies of databases. Database backup software can be specialized like, for example, SQL backup software, but usually combines features to backup different database types including ODBC compatible databases such as MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 and Lotus Notes/Domino.

Database backup software provides functions to perform backup automatically on regular basis using scheduling. Therefore, with such useful application you can set up task properties once and then have a free time while data backing up automatically.

In addition, the last but very important issue to say about database backup software abilities is of course remote backup. Remote Backup Service by Novosoft is example of perfect online backup software, which functions provide ability to backup databases listed above to remote location. This is inevitable option to enhance data protection by transferring databases to secure offsite server where it cannot be stolen or lost in case of disaster. Data on remote server is accessible to database backup, recovery and synchronization in any moment.