# Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

For the enterprise, especially if it is a large enterprise, ensuring business continuity is of paramount importance. In a world where, as we know, everything flows and changes every minute, to ensure business continuity enterprise can only rely on competently developed and implemented backup strategy, which means, that you should always be carefully thought out plan, in case something goes wrong.

According to the statistical study, which was conducted by Strategic Research Institute, from data losses each year suffer 32% of PC users. Local networks of enterprises are no exception, they also regularly missing data. The cause of data loss is often the failure of computer equipment. In second place failures in the software, due to which business-critical information gets lost or becomes unavailable at a time, when there is an urgent need. Do not forget also that the man is not perfect and is prone to make mistakes. Deleted files and directories by mistake, in general, are quite uncommon in any industry.

The use of online backup technologies, for disaster recovery in case of accidental loss of data or lack of access to them for one reason or another allow to fight with the dysfunction of the company, or even prevent it. Online backup disaster recovery in a short time allows conducting a full or partial recovery from a backup, stored in a remote data store to a virtual server anywhere in the world.

Among the companies, providing services for online backup and disaster recovery try to choose those who make regular testing of backups to make sure that at any time the backup will be restored in time and without errors. Thus, in the event of loss of business critical data, or when you cannot access them the only way is a planned recovery, ensuring business continuity, which is so important to the success of the business.