# Online Backup Setting the Standard in Backup Expertise
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Online Backup Setting the Standard in Backup Expertise

The information required to run a small and medium businesses or larger enterprises is increasingly a server and workstations hard drive data, which can be divided into three types by the impact on business operations:

  • Mission critical data is mostly revenue producing or customer facing information
  • Business critical is a vital information required to support inner enterprise functions
  • Operationally critical data is necessary for the successful work of individual departments

The goal of remote backup and recovery for a company is to be able to recover critical information from varying degrees of data failure in case of disaster, failure, or loss.

Good online backup solution gives an ability to recover all necessary information in the optimum time frame as well as to recover to an incremental backup version of data that results in minimum loss of productivity.

Here is the short list of the most important requirements to up-to-date enterprise online data backup solution:

  • Automatic backup to run backup tasks according to pre-set backup schedule
  • Access for critical information, monitoring and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 day a week and 365 days a year (24x7x365)
  • Services should be scalable for unlimited data growth in future
  • Protection for email and application database backup, including Outlook, Exchange server, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 and Lotus Notes
  • Encryption in transit and in storage

In the work of enterprise, protection of information and informationís integrity is one of the main conditions, while backup is the only way to protect data from data loss because of hardware/software error, deleting critical data by mistake or natural disaster. If you are looking for the best remote backup solution for your business be sure to choose online backup setting the standard in backup expertise.