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Backup DB2

DB2 is a cross-platform database management system adopted in great many of enterprises of different industries from aerospace to defense. It is without a doubt one of the leading DBMS in the market. Thatís why the question of backup DB2 is considered highly important and for real is a question of interest.

You can backup DB2 tables via ODBC protocol. The advantage of this method is ability to backup databases online or to backup remote databases, i.e. databases from remote server. The disadvantage is that you can only make a reserve copy of the DB2 tables and cannot backup other information.

Most useful features of backup DB2 are hot backup and recovery of database without stopping service and DB2 backup scheduling allows to automatically backup database in selected time, daily or weekly. Mostly the same features that used to backup Oracle.

If you are interested how to backup DB2 take a note that most user-friendly DB2 backup and recovery programs usually locates DBMS installed on your machine automatically and offers wizard interface to tune up all you need to store your database backed up in safe location ready to restore in a matter of minutes.

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