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Regardless of the fact that technology advances with truly incremental velocity, dataloss continues to rise. Today hard drives store 500 times more information than ten years ago. The salt is that to repeatedly amplify dataloss we only had to increase storage capacities. Mechanical precision became much more critical. Under the circumstances data protection, backup, and above all, effective recovery becomes more important than ever.

Genie Backup Manager is the featured backup software we will portray now in details. Genie-soft developers offer product in double edition. Genie Backup Manager Home v8.0 designed for home and family backup solutions and has consistent and intuitive interface. So you have no need to be an expert to tune it up easily. And Genie Backup Manager Pro v8.0 is the backup software for small and medium business users. To avoid running out of business due to dataloss be sure to backup and recover your entire system.

Now straight to Genie Backup Manager feature list. Backup software by Genie-soft is absolutely must-have product by several cases. Both editions share the following features:

  • Complete system backup
  • Locked file support
  • Offsite backup storage
  • Automated schedules
Genie Backup Manager Home also provides customers with advanced backup options such as receive Email notification of your backup status, swift restore backup files .exe, power shutdown after backup, automatic re-connectivity when connection is lost and file filters. It’s necessary to note that backup software interface is well designed, user-friendly and you can easily perform complete system backup with just one double-click.

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Genie Backup Manager Pro is developed to protect business assets and includes advanced features not present in Genie Backup Manager Home. Between those special features are 128-, 256-bit encryption using certified by U.S. government Advanced Encryption Standard, continuous data protection to backup at specified time periods or rotate different backup types, tape backups and Iomega® REV Support.

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Genie Backup Manager scans your system for important information such as emails, photos, setting and favorites. Also backup utility verifies the integrity of backup with bit-by-bit verification using cyclic redundancy check. Secure offsite storage location inaccessible for natural disasters, data corruption or any kind of information theft.

Backup software we talking about today is an award-winning product of choice. Genie Backup Manager is a featured PC Magazine favorite backup utility and also Top 10 Reviews gold awarded. It is up-to-date Windows Vista (32-, 64-bit) supporting innovative solution you can try right now to provide your family and business assets with high-quality data protection which is so necessary in the current information state we started from. Please follow links below to keep your family and business data assets secure.