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Remote data backup

In this article we will discuss remote data backup. Probably, everyone who uses PC has ever faced a hardware or software error, a virus on his computer or some other abnormal conditions. Any of those failures could cause data loss. Moreover, data loss could be also caused by fire, burglary or flood. So, it's a good idea to have a reserve copy of important data in order not to suffer much from the consequences of such events.

If you decide to do it, you will have to choose backup repository. You have a lot of options: backup to DVD, backup to HDD, backup to Blu-ray, etc. We will stop on remote data backup. As data loss can be caused not only by problems inside your PC, but also by, for example, a fire or an earthquake, it's a good thought to store your backup repository remotely from your PC. If you do it, you will enjoy very important benefit - everything you backed up will be safe from both computer problems and natural disasters.

Nowadays, the most easy and convenient way to do it is to upload your backup data to a remote server via the Internet. You can do it manually, with the use of backup software or with the use of special remote data backup service. Trying to back up manually usually ends up with forgetting or being too lazy, so, it rarely can guarantee a proper level of safety. Backup software will do the whole process automatically, write a log about your remote data backups and will easily restore your data if something bad happens. An easy variant of such program will cost you, on average, $40. If you want more options, the price will start from around $100. With remote data backup you will also have to find a free server or sign up for hosting, which will also cost you some small amount of money.

The other variant is remote data backup service. If you sign up for it, you will get unlimited space on a protected server, free backup software, 24 hours a day technical support and many other benefits. On average, remote backup service will cost you $2/GB per month, which is not much in comparison to data recovery prices and to the price of data loss consequences. Certainly, it's better not to face any data loss at all, but, you won't regret any money spent on backup if something bad happens to your computer.

The use of both remote backup software and remote data backup service will free your mind from backup duties and guarantee a great level of information safety.

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