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Backup MySQL

If your site works on MySQL on you store important information in database, it goes without saying that itís necessary to backup MySQL data and be able to restore all you need in a fast and effective way. It doesnít matter was it a manual mistake to delete critical information, software/hardware errors or server compromise. All you need is your precious data back.

MySQL provides the basic tool to backup databases, is it effective enough or itís better to use special backup software? This issue remains open only for advanced users and system administrators. For novice PC user who is not MYSQL professional the only reasonable solution is to choose easy-to-use full-featured backup software able to backup SQL database or multiple databases.

Backup of MySQL is a feature commonly used by home users and also in small and medium business. Working with enterprise solutions based on DB2 system administrators have to restore and backup DB2 databases. In comparison with MySQL backup DB2 is much more complicated one and supported by few backup programs.

Also it is necessary to mention such interesting feature as online SQL backup. This means that you can backup and restore database to remote server or computer.

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