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Online Backup Server - Do's and Don'ts

Online backup server may become a real solution for all your company's data protection needs. It is really necessary to keep several backup copies of all mission-critical server data, in case one of them is inaccessible or corrupted when the data loss occurs. The broadband connection has made it actually practical to use online backup server for backing up valuable data from enterprise or small home run servers.

One of main reasons every enterprise should seriously consider moving to online backup server their data is the economy this backup method introduces for their regular backup spending. All costs virtually squeeze to bandwidth price whereas in case of, say, tape backup on an off-site scheme there are costs of the manual job to be done to physically transfer tapes off the site.

Another clear advantage that pays off for online backup server usage is the time necessary for data transfer. With the backup to a remote server it takes much less than actually taking tapes with the data to an off-site storage location. Thus online backup servers allow to increase the backup window at the expense of transfer procedures and back up more data at the same time interval or perform backups more often.

From the security point of view a typical modern online backup server can provide all required protection measures including a secure connection and if necessary data encryption. The latter security means may slow down the backup and restore performance, but it does guarantee the strongest security for the backed up data.

Some of the online backup servers also have this advantageous feature that allows their users to restore backed up data from any computer connected to the Internet. So, no matter where your employees are; in case they urgently need to restore some information, they can do it on the go or anywhere they are. The only thing they need is Internet connection.

Companies however should never overestimate this backup method, since there is always risk of interruptions and breakdowns of broadband connection. The probability of such an outcome is very unlikely indeed, but it is a good idea to have a duplicate backup on-site at NAS-storage that can be a decent complementation to backing up data to an online backup server.

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