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Mobile phones are rapidly turning into smartphones offering their owners unprecedented multimedia and communication experience. However, very often it is still the user who needs to take care of his or her data kept on the cell phone. This is where mobile phone backup comes forth. There are several ways to back up cell phones: both hardware and software solutions.

Many smartphones come with preinstalled backup software that can perform some basic backup operations like contacts backup. The major problem here is that some of them keep all data in a specific format, so that it is impossible to restore backed up data to a phone of another brand.

This is also quite often a problem with phone backup plans offered by carriers. It is a regular practice for them to offer their clients a backup software utility to back up their mobile together with a web account. Web access to PIM data allows phone owners to easily edit some information like phone numbers on a PC rather than tap it away on the phone’s keypad. But again, you will be able to transfer this data only across the phones of the same carrier.

Strange as it may seem, it is really a rare case when a mobile backup plan includes backup of text or multimedia messages. For this cell phone owners will need to subscribe for a 3rd-party mobile backup solution. There are a lot of mobile backup businesses on the market right now, so it takes only time to choose the right one. The pricing for a typical mobile backup subscription varies from monthly $2 to $7.

Most of these cell phone backup solutions support messaging backup. Apart from this some of them allow users to back up other digital content they have on their mobiles, including video, music, photos, etc. Few of them go even further by offering complete PIM backup that particularly includes calendar appointments, reminders, notes, etc.

There are few things to consider when selecting a mobile backup solution, like whether they allow synching of the PIM data to a PC via USB, Bluetooth or infrared. You should also remember that if a mobile backup utility can automatically back up modified data back and forth between a web server and a mobile phone, it will most probably involve charging of your voice or data plan. The first thing to consider though is whether a given cellular phone backup solution does in fact support your mobile.

The most frequent issue with the mobile backup is digital management rights restrictions on the media content, such as pictures, videos or music. Digital rights protection prevents copying of the data to any backup location for further retrieval.

There are also some hardware solutions to back up mobile phones, like CellStick or Backup-Pal that connect directly to a phone and copy off all contacts data from the SIM card to the device. There are also SIM card readers that can be connected to the PC via USB, after which you can back up mobile data to your PC and restore it later if needed. The drawback of these hardware solutions is that you can’t restore data wirelessly away from the PC or the laptop to which you previously copied the data.

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