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Mirror Backup Method

A mirror backup is identical to a full backup, with some exceptions. A mirror backup is a straight copy of the selected folders and files at a given instant in time. Mirror backup is the fastest backup method because it copies files and folders to the destination without any compression.While the other backup types collect all the files and folders being backed up each time into a single compressed "container file", a mirror backup keeps all the individual files separate in the destination. That is, the destination becomes a "mirror" of the source.
However, the increased speed has its drawbacks: it needs larger storage space and it cannot be password protected.It has the benefit that the backup files can also be readily accessed using tools like Windows Explorer.

See an easy backup software for mirror backup.

Advantages:the fastest backup method.
Disadvantages:it needs more storage space than any other backup type, password protection is not possible, cannot track different versions of files.

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