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Remote Backup Service - Secure Backup Storage

Everyone who wants to back up his or her important data faces the problem of choosing where to put these files to. Lots of methods exist: you can back up to HDD, CD, DVD, FTP, Blue-ray, etc. This article reviews remote backup services, which offer a complex solution for organizations and people who decided to store their important data in a remote location.

First of all, we will describe pros and contras of remote backup in general. On one side, we have benefits from offsite storage (independency from both computer problems and physical disasters), global access to your data and availability to set up the whole process to be automatic. On the other side, we have dependency on your internet connection, more time needed than for backup to local storage devices and a small possibility of third party access. However, all of these problems are easily solved and, in most cases, don't produce too many disadvantages.

So, we've come to the main point - review of the benefits of remote backup service usage. These include:

  • Free software.
    Such services often offer free software if you sign up to become their client.
  • Professionally protected servers.
    Not only from hacker attacks, but also from fires, floods and sometimes even nuclear explosions, as servers are often located in specialized underground shelters.
  • 24 hours a day technical support
  • Backup statistics and logging.
    You always can check how the process goes and when the last backup was taken.
  • Data encryption.
    Any remote backup service uses advanced encryption algorithms that protect your privacy during transfer and storage of your data.
  • Automatic data compression.
    It will help you to use less bandwidth and less space on the server.
  • Multi-site data collection.
    This feature will allow backing up data from your home and office or from your branch network to the same server with the use of the same service.
  • Unlimited space.
    Remote backup service usually gives you as much server space as you need.

However, those services are rarely free. The price depends on the amount of space you need, on the amount of computers you want to back up and on the options you want to have. On average, it will cost $2/1GB per month (for example, in Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC), so, the usage of this service on a home computer will cost on average from $5 to $10 per month. Not a big price in comparison to Data Recovery Services prices or to the loss of family photos and videos. All things considered, contemporary secure remote backup service can fit the needs of many consumers including individuals, home networks and companies. It's a good guarantee that your important and sometimes priceless data has a reserve copy that you can access no matter what happens. No doubt, it's a good value for money.

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