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Nowadays, we store a lot of information and data in digital format and any data loss on your computer can be a real disaster. Performing regular backups can protect you from eventual data loss, but it's very important to store your backup copies in a really safe location. Most of the people put their backup media around backed up PC or even store their copies on that PC, but this method can be useless if your PC and area around it gets physically damaged, for example, by fire or a little flood. In order to be independent from such events, it's better to use online backup software that can store your backup copies in offsite location and keep them safe in case of any hardware and software failures or natural disasters.

Remote data backup requires using broadband internet access to upload your data to a backup server. On one hand, it allows performing backups without connecting any devices and without your interruption at all, but, on the other hand, uploading data to a server takes usually longer than copying it to local storage devices. Offsite backup software makes you dependant on the internet connection, but there are rarely problems with internet nowadays and this dependency can hardly be considered a disadvantage.

One of the best ways of using online backup software is to use it in cooperation with remote backup service. Such services offer specially protected servers for your reserve copies, 24 hour technical support, data encryption, global access to it, unlimited storage capacity and many other benefits. A very bright example of such service is Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC. They offer not only everything described above, but also a free license for Handy Backup - one of the best backup solutions on the market. They charge $2 per month for 1GB of storage capacity, which is very low price in comparison to the price of potential consequences of data loss.

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