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Server Backup Software

If you want to back up large network, for example, all computers in your office network you will surely realize that it's not an efficient method to ask every employee to perform regular backups separately from others, even with the use of special backup software. It's much easier and more secure to make one person responsible for the whole backup process in the office. This can be done with the use of Server Backup Software, which will be described in this article.

Server Backup Software allows to set up, run and control backups on all workstations of the network from one central backup server by only one person. Thus, enterprise backup software doesn't let any backup be forgotten and doesn't intervene the work of your employees. The only thing needed is to install server part of the program to the backup server and to install workstation version on every backed up machine.

It's also important that it is easy and not expensive to expand your backup system if you use server backup software. For example, if you want to add three computers to your network, you will just need to buy three workstation licenses (which is always cheaper than buying three "usual" licenses for backup software) and install them to new machines. The administrator will set everything up from his own computer and your new employees will not spend time thinking about backup.

A very bright example of server backup software is a program developed by Novosoft LLC and called Handy Backup Server. The features list includes Microsoft Outlook backup, Lotus Notes backup, ODBC databases backup, Microsoft Exchange Server backup, Windows registry backup, hard drive image backup and many others. It's possible to back up to any destination which can be found in Windows Explorer, back up to network destinations and use integrated DVD/HD DVD/Blu-Ray burner. The interface is very friendly, based on the creation of backup, restore and synchronization tasks. We easily can call Handy Backup first-choice server backup software.

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