# Round Robin rotation schedule
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Round Robin Rotation Schedule

A round robin rotation schedule is one of the oldest, simplest scheduling algorithm.The main idea is to use all backup media equally in some rational order.A simple way to think of round robin is that it is about "taking turns."

For example, rotation loop can last one week.Then, each day of the week is dedicated one source of media.

Media set Day of the week
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
A x
B x
C x
D x
E x

Usually, a full backup copy is done on Friday, and incremental/differential backup copies - on all other days. In this case, 5 carriers will be enough for 1 week's loop (if you work 5 days per week). All data media in round robin are used in this cycle.Technically, it's a process of writing your most current backup to the media with the oldest data.

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