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CloudBerry Online Backup – Perfect Implementation of Cutting-edge Technologies

CloudBerry Online Backup is a new online backup service using reliable and fast Amazon S3 computing platform "in the cloud". CloudBerry Online Backup is highly reliable and secure solution giving the best fit to individual users, home offices and small business.

What is Amazon S3

To use CloudBerry Backup you should create your Amazon S3 account. Amazon S3 is unlimited secure internet storage that leverages Amazon infrastructure. Amazon S3 is primarily designed for software developers who want to take advantage of scalable internet storage in their applications. However, the products like CloudBerry S3 Backup unleash the power of Amazon S3 and make it available for less sophisticated consumers.

There are no sign-up or minimum fees. You only pay for what you use. In many cases your monthly checks will be less than a dollar! The costs start at $0.15 per GB of data storage a month and $0.1 per GB of data transfer. Check here for more info on Amazon S3 pricing.

Program installation and configuration process is easy-to-use and fluent as well as using wizards for both backup and restore. These features make program to look especially user-friendly. The whole interface is written using .Net framework to make CPU and resources usage management. Also such useful features as strong data encryption and flexible scheduler implemented perfectly add as much comfort to performing online backup as it possible.

Point in time restore gives a useful ability to get a file or the whole folder to any point in the past. File versioning system creates a new version of the file once any changes take place. Intelligent backup only backups the files changed since last backup and copy only those files to the storage. So this incremental type backup solution is much quicker and need less free space.

It is also important to mention that CloudBerry Online Backup developed using Microsoft’s implementation of encryption algorithms for secure data transfer. Unauthorized access to information in the storage is absolutely impossible.

One of the most important benefits of CloudBerry Online Backup is the fact that service designed to provide user with ability to recover any backup 24 hours a day 7 day a week. Backup storage browser helps to select and restore file or folder quickly and also announced to be enhanced with search function in the near future.

CloudBerry Online Backup is an excellent online backup service with great future potential. Described above features put it to the top of the list of the most up-to-date backup services based on perfect implementation of cutting-edge technologies. CloudBerry Online Backup benefits make it must-have product for individuals and small business to test right now!

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