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Sync Your Mac and Windows Mobile, Nokia, Other Macs and Online Accounts with SyncMate 2.0!

September 9, 2009

With new SyncMate 2.0 by Eltima Software all Mac users can easily synchronize their Macs with Windows Mobile devices, Nokia S40 and other Mac computers, Google account and back up all data to Online Storage Account!

Bellevue, WA, USA: Eltima Software, global software Development Company, has released SyncMate version 2.0, software for multiple sync, which simplifies the process of all data synchronization between Mac and Windows Mobile devices, other Mac computers, Nokia S40 phones and online accounts.

SyncMate is offered at two versions, Free and Expert, and provides all users with even more synchronization possibilities than before.
SyncMate Free Edition enables you to sync Address Book and iCal entries in your Mac with their analogues in supported devices and back up these data to Online Storage Account. Google Contacts and Google Calendar synchronization is also available.

Additionally to sync features, SyncMate Free Edition provides you with opportunity to read your SMS right from Mac OS X computer, share Internet between Mac and Windows Mobile devices and visually analyze detailed information of the Windows Mobile devices connected (battery state or memory usage).

SyncMate Expert Edition provides all users with a full access to all synchronization features. Sync iTunes&Video, iPhoto, Safari and Firefox Bookmarks, Entourage and mail Notes, ToDo's, Mail and even separate folders between your Mac and Windows Mobile devices, create, send or delete SMS right on your Mac computer.

With Expert Edition all users can install any .cab files to Windows Mobile devices right from Mac computer.

SyncMate Expert enables you to analyze Nokia S40 devices Calls history directly on your computer. You can also back up ToDo's, Safari Bookmarks, Entourage and Mail notes to your Online Storage Account with Expert Edition.

SyncMate Expert allows synchronizing To Do's, Safari bookmarks, Entourage and Mail notes and separate folders between two or more Mac computers.

And of course all features of SyncMate Free Edition are available at Expert Edition.

SyncMate installation is very easy. There is no need to unlock device in order to install SyncMate. Mac can be connected to Windows Mobile device via USB or Wi-Fi, Mac to Nokia connection is available via Bluetooth, and you can sync your Mac with another Mac via Ethernet.

SyncMate Compatibility

SyncMate is compatible with Mac OS X platform (Mac OS X 10.4 and higher, Mac OS X 10.5). Device compatibility: Windows Mobile Pocket 5, Windows Mobile Smartphone 5; Windows Mobile 6 Standard, Windows Mobile 6 Classic and Windows Mobile 6 Professional; Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5; Nokia S40 devices.

Additional information about SyncMate, along with detailed technical documentation, online help, changelog, upgrade policy as well as free installation package can be found at:

You can download SyncMate 2.0 here

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