# Novosoft Remote Backup to Provide Online Backup for T-Mobile G1
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Novosoft Remote Backup to Provide Online Backup for T-Mobile G1

April 24, 2009

Back up PIM data from your Google phone to the cloud

Alliance, Ohio, April 24, 2009 Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC announces support for personal data backup on T-Mobile G1 mobile phone (widely known as the Google phone). Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC has become the pioneer in G1 web based backup as the company is always looking for new ways to implement their know-how breakthrough backup technologies.

Novosoft Remote Backup Service bases itself on the firm ground of more than 15-year Novosoft experience in backup industry that culminated in appearance of Remote Backup Service. Novosoft LLC provides its customers with a complete solution for secure online backup, which includes ranged rates for online disk allotment on its industry-standard protected servers and a free software package that completely automates and simplifies the backup process.

The new functionality allows owners of mobile phones with popular OS Android to backup their mobile phones wirelessly. After a quick setup that is required between your Google phone and the backup utility provided with the Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC, all it takes to back up T-Mobile G1 is to bring your phone within the range of WiFi connection with the desktop PC where the free backup utility Handy Backup resides.

Currently Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC offers its customers contacts backup for G1 phones. The contacts are transferred over a secure connection to the web vault with all necessary precautions. All transferred data can be encrypted with the 128-bit blowfish algorithm usually employed in banking systems. This information can be later easily retrieved to restore the contacts to the phone. Customers can also access this information with the help of a web browser from anywhere in the world.

T-Mobile backup is completely free for the customers of Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC. For their G1 phones backup the owners are offered a free utility Handy Backup Mobile available on the Android Market free of charge. However they should be subscribed to one of the various backup plans at Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC. The plans differ by the amount of the provided disk space and range from $2 to $200 per month with 1 Gb and 100 Gb of data respectively. Year-long subscription fee is even more appealing.

Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC will be soon adding more support for backup of the Android based mobile phones. The owners of T-Mobile G1 phones will be able to perform a complete backup of all personal data on their mobile phones. Data is safely stored on the secure servers with multi-level protection.

About Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC

Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC introduced in 2005 has steadily developed into the state-of-the-art remote backup software package. Its data center is located in San Diego, California in an underground shelter, with industry-standard security precautions and restricted access only to highly trained personnel. For more information on Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC, please browse http://www.remotedatabackup.net.

About Novosoft

Established in 1992, Novosoft develops and markets a wide range of software products for individual computer users and small- to medium-sized businesses. The company uses the most advanced technologies in its strive to deliver high quality and cost effective solutions ensuring customers satisfaction and trust. For more information, refer to the corporate website at http://www.novosoft-us.com.

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