# AmeriVault And NTG Announce New "Venyu" For Data Protection
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AmeriVault And NTG Announce New "Venyu" For Data Protection

April 06, 2009

AmeriVault, a leading online backup provider, and NTG, a hosting services and data protection veteran, recently announced the launch of "Venyu"-a newly combined company created to deliver commercial-grade, customizable solutions for data protection, availability and recovery. Bolstered by the financial strength and stability of parent company PHNS, Venyu gives small-to-medium sized businesses more reliable data protection and recovery alternatives and eliminates the need for courier services, back-up tape and on-premise hardware.

As data volumes and privacy concerns increase, IT resources are being stretched thinner. Companies need progressive ways to run critical applications and ensure they can recover from any outage in a timely manner. They need secure, reliable and scalable solutions that require minimal maintenance so they can focus on their core business.

"The data backup market is crowded with solutions that do little to help companies manage their data resources in a fast, reliable and efficient manner across the enterprise," said Scott Thompson, president and CEO of Venyu. "By providing an automated, comprehensive solution, Venyu gives companies consistency, peace of mind and assurance that their data will be available how they want it, where they want it, when they want it."

Emmi Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of technology-based healthcare communications solutions that engage patients across the continuum of care, currently utilizes the backup, hosting and data protection services of Venyu. "We did an extensive search for a provider with the healthcare industry knowledge and technical expertise to meet our expanding needs," said David Dahl, Chief Technology Officer at Emmi Solutions. "Venyu provides the hosting services we need to support the high-volume, interactive communications solutions Emmi offers to the healthcare industry."

"A growing number of organizations face backup and recovery redesign but lack the facilities and resources to execute on it," said Jerome Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG. "The launch of Venyu provides organizations with a solution for their immediate backup needs while enabling them to address their more strategic disaster recovery and availability objectives."

About Venyu

Venyu is a premier provider of data protection, recovery, and availability services tailored to support the recovery objectives and service levels companies require to stay competitive. Venyu's progressive portfolio includes online data backup, physical and virtualized recovery solutions, managed hosting, SaaS, and co-location services. Venyu is backed by geographically-diverse, Tier IV data centers, highly-qualified technicians, and iron-clad security controls. For more information, visit www.venyu.com.

About Emmi Solutions, LLC

Emmi Solutions, LLC, is the creator of technology-based communication solutions and producer of award-winning Emmi programs. Hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide use Emmi to engage patients and positively impact the patient experience across the continuum of care. Whether it's helping people prepare for a procedure, manage a chronic disease, or successfully live with a medical device, every detail of the Emmi platform is designed with a single goal in mind: to improve the patient experience. Emmi Solutions' clients and partners know the benefits of engaging patients to take an active role in their care: increased patient satisfaction, enhanced patient-physician relations, increased operational efficiencies, risk mitigation, and improved quality and safety.

For more information, visit http://www.emmisolutions.com.

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