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PCS Backup Agent

From the first sight PCS Backup Agent makes an impression of somewhat out-of-date example of ftp backup software. It features really poor backup functionality when compared to other utilities for backup. So, if you are looking for backup scheduling or automatic spanning of backed up data across several different media, PCS Backup Agent is not for you. There's only one feature that deserves your attention - ftp backup.

Like any other backup software PCS Backup Agent can create zipped backups and protect them with a password for enhanced security. This option actually comes handy when it is necessary to restore the backed up data: it can be done on any PC running Windows OS. Even if you are restoring on an earlier versions of Windows that do not include built-in unzip tool, PCS Backup Agent can create self-extracting EXE archives. It also provides a couple of other ZIP tools like a file verifier. This may prove useful when you find a corrupted archive.

Ftp backup provided in PCS Backup Agent at least partially compensates the lack of support of such popular storage media as DVDs. With backing up to ftp users can backup the same amount of date to a secure remote server.

Back to ftp is a very trendy option in modern backup software utilities as the concept of online backup drifts from the corporate sector to personal home usage. One day it may come up as a real life saver to have one's data safely backed up at a specially equipped secure remote server. This can at the very least save users from the trivial theft or natural disaster.

PCS Backup Agent works pretty straightforward. It allows for backing up of either separate files or entire folders. Obviously, there is an option for FTP backup, and also an option o back up files to a web site by specifying its URL.

PCS Backup Agent allows you to backup anything, anywhere! It backs up files and directories on local and remote computers using URLs, UNC, or local paths. Backed up files are saved in a ZIP file for efficient storage. The backed up files archive can be saved locally or automatically transferred to a remote FTP server for remote storage. While backing up to FTP the program can work in passive or in active firewall mode.

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