# Backup to HD with East-Tec Backup 2009
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Backup to HD with East-Tec Backup 2009

This article will review brilliant product by EAST Technologies - East-Tec Backup 2009. Among other types of backup destinations, which include CD, DVD, USB, FireWire, remote locations and many others, it is an efficient backup to HD solution and the program will be mainly reviewed from this side here.

Talking about backup sources, East-Tec Backup allows backup of files and folders with filtering, backup of messages and settings from popular e-mail clients (Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.), backup of settings and bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, backup of Windows settings and registry and many more. Intuitive interface and wizards will let you easily and quickly set up your backup to HD process. Needless to say, East-Tec Backup 2009 can perform automated backup to harddrive on hourly, daily, monthly or any other basis. The scheduler also allows running other programs and commands before or after task execution, viewing detailed backup logs and sending e-mail notifications. Backup to hdd can be done with the use of ZIP compression and/or strong 256-bit encryption algorithm.

All things considered, East-Tec Backup is an excellent backup solution, which supports wide list of modern features and options. In fact, we could not find any serious disadvantage except for lack of advanced options like ODBC backup or hard drive image backup, but they are not used by many users. It can be said that if you only look for backup to hdd solution, the program may be a bit "overqualified", but if you are ready to pay almost $40 or want to build a complex backup system, the program may be a great choice.

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