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AnyLive Backup Program

AnyLive is a software product developed by Eisoo Software Inc., which among other tasks can perform backup to CD. Eisoo Software Inc. specializes in developing products for backup and information security. The interface of AnyLive is quite friendly and good-looking and will probably make no difficulties for most categories of users. Backup and restore wizards are designed to help the user and require no advanced computer skills. When creating a task, you will need to select backup source (such as File Backup, System Backup, Mails Backup and Chatting Backup), backup destination (with a possibility to select backup to CD) and also settings for backup plan and task confirmation. Your backup data can be compressed, encrypted and you can set up file filtering settings and backup speed control. Needless to say, there is an option of both complete and incremental backups.

Restore operations can be performed to the last point of time, which refers to the most recent backup version of all documents in the backup tasks, or you can just restore specified file, using point-in-time as a directory.

You can back up to CD in two ways: you can select CD as a backup destination during backup task creation or you can directly backup files to CD with the use of integrated CD/DVD burning tool. However, if you choose the second variant and will go to CD/DVD Burner directly from the main menu of the program, there will be no option to back up system registry or, for example, mails - you will only be able to specify files and folders.

It can be easily said that the program by Eisoo Software Inc. is very pleasant to use. AnyLive offers an efficient backup to CD solution with a lot of options. The price of $49.95 may be considered too high, but there are surely enough users, who will be ready to pay this money for AnyLive.

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