# AISBackup - an utility with backup to DVD support
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AISBackup - an utility with backup to DVD support

In this article we will review the backup utility called AISBackup, which was released on April 8, 2002. The program offers many useful backup features and one of them is backup to DVD. Let's review strong and weak sides of this program and the backup to DVD feature in particular.

At first, let's talk about backup sources. The program supports backup and restoration of Windows to new drives and partitions, of Windows registry, of MS Exchange Server, of encrypted files, of NTFS Security Settings, of Windows Server 2000 & 2003 Active Directory and, of course, backup and restoration of local and network folders. It's available to compress your copy in order to save storage capacity. AISBackup also offers wide list of backup destinations: you can use backup to DVD, backup to CD, backup to removable media, backup to local and network hard drives and to remote locations with the use of FTP protocol. If you want to backup data to DVD you can use integrated DVD burner or third party packet writing interface like Ahead Nero InCD or Adaptec DirectCD.

However, there are some things that we didn't like about the program. It took quite a long time to set the program up as the interface wasn't very easy and intuitive. We also didn't like the presence of unknown words and terms with their own meanings. For example, you will have to know that backup and backup job are different things - the first word means backup copy and the second means source files and backup task. But if you want to mainly backup files to DVD and don't consider the described disadvantages as a big problem, AIS backup can become a cost-effective backup solution.

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