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SyncProBackup software

License: Shareware, $15 ZIP Backup utility
File size: 5,89 Mb
Version: 2.1
Release date: 27 Sep 2001
OS: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000
System Requirements: n/a
Languages: English

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Zip backup is a very simple and straightforward method of backing up data. For one thing the backed up information is easily accessible from any PC if it is backed up in a zip archive. Syncing files and folders is another way of storing important information and it is seldom that zip backup and syncing are included in one application.

This is the case with SyncPro Backup that offers its users both zip backup and syncing options. The program supports a wide range of storage media for backing up all sorts of data: floppy disks, Zip, Jaz and CD-R/W, LS, etc… SyncPro Backup also supports backup over network between peer PCs, and also between PCs from the server.

SyncPro Backup can, of course, manage such trivial tasks as backing up two hard disks on the same computer or two partitions on the same hard drive. This backup tool also supports such somewhat obsolete backup methods as data backup or syncing from one PC to another via a serial or parallel infrared (IR) connection, not to mention Internet connection support of course.

SyncPro supports incremental backup, i.e. it only back ups files that have been modified while those that stay unchanged are left intact. This drastically decreases data costs, especially when zip backup is performed over the Internet.

All these capabilities offered by SyncPro Backup allow its users to synchronize and backup data seamlessly across their office, home PCs and laptops. This way they have immediate access to their data in zip backup no matter what computer they are currently using.

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