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Personal Backup Program - backup files.

Company: Gueranitchev A.A.
File size: 1337KB
Release date: 10/4/2003
License: Shareware, 26$
Languages: English

DFIncBackup is personal backup program for incremental backup files to zip archives. Features: * Incremental backup of files. It save only changed files and make backup size smaller. * Internal packer using full compatible ZIP files format for archives. * Split big backup archives into several volumes for save to removable disks. * Internal scheduler. * Easy archives management: save, restore, remove archives. * Quick add needed files to project by using shapes. * Shapes editor * Backup project can contain several root folders. * Flexible tuning as root folders as sub folders. * Easy view including files list in project editor by folders tree with explorer like style. * Log file viewer for easy navigate and search. * Intelligent backup folders management: limitation by archive size or free space on hard disk volume, automatically swap to next volume of hard disk.

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