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AbsoluteSystemBackup presents a backup utilit

Company: AbsoluteSystemSoft
File size: 6398KB
Release date: 6/7/2003
License: Shareware, 28$
Languages: English

AbsoluteSystemBackup - is the best professional backup program. AbsoluteSystemBackup presents a high-quality program to keep your data at your PC. There are a lot of reasons of information loss: software problems, system errors in the operating system, etc. Sometimes it is impossible to restore the lost database that s why we have created AbsoluteSystemBackup. AbsoluteSystemBackup presents a backup utility for Windows 9Z/Me/Xp/2000. AbsoluteSystemBackup supports secondary action-free data autosave in desired directory and database zip-backup. AbsoluteSystemBackup has user-friendly interface and enables you to generate new schedules in step-by-step mode. AbsoluteSystemBackup enables you to copy files while switching on/off PCs, AbsoluteSystemBackup loading/unloading, in timer mode, includes data setup, data skip, data selection, backup copy time (hours,minutes) retry. AbsoluteSystemBackup enables you not only to make copies, but to archive data into ZIP mode, automatic recovery supported. AbsoluteSystemBackup is your short way to success!!!

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