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Drive Backup Personal - on the Cutting-Edge of Backup

License: Shareware, $39,95 Backup to HDD utility
Version: 9.0
Release date: 6 Nov 2008
OS: WinXP, Windows2000, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista x64
System Requirements: Pentium 233Mhz and higher; 128 MB RAM; 100 Mb Disk Space
Languages: English, French, German
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Paragon's Drive Backup Personal backup tool with supported backup to HDD may still be a couple of feature less impressive than its competitor Handy Backup, but not all users may need the missing functions. The option to restore and backup to hd separate folders and files coupled with imaging drives and partitions makes Paragon and Handy Backup nearly equal. You could throw out "nearly" only if the restore option was a tad user-friendlier.

Paragon does seem to simplify the process of selecting individual folders and files to backup to HDD, while selecting them for restore is more difficult. When you browse for the files to restore, you need to follow the same tree just as you did to select the archive instead of browsing in an additional window that would list only the backed up files. In case you are restoring some deeply buried folders, this process becomes highly impractical. Another shortcoming is that users are allowed to restore files only to the original place. It may be dangerous if you intend to restore an older file version without overwriting the newer version.

One of the outstanding features in Paragon Drive Backup Personal is the option to chunk the backed up data into pieces automatically when you backup to HDD. It can also backup to flash drives apart from storing a backup to HDD. Thumb USB drives are much faster to boot, given a PC provides the option to boot from a thumb drive. In other cases backup to hard disk is a better option.

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